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Summerset Abbey

Summerset Abbey - T.J. Brown This book would have been 5 stars. It should have been 5 stars, except that ending!! How anti-climactic! I was so disappointed with the way it just -ended-. I know there's going to be a book 2 but I felt like it was less a cliffhanger as it was just an unfinished story.Prudence was lovely. I adored her character and I felt for her as she went through everything after Sir Phillip's death. She's an interesting character and I would happily read more about her except that gawdawful end.Victoria was another great character. If I do read book 2 (and there's a good chance I will), I want to know more about her and her secrets. And then we have Rowena. Basically I want to smack this chick several times across the face. The BEST BEST BEST part of the end of this book is when Prudence finally tells her that "[her] father would be ashamed of [her]!!!" Because although we never get a chance to meet Sir Phillip, I know this to be true. Mostly I felt like this book was a teaser. There was a lot of promise and little delivery. That didn't stop me from enjoying it. The promise was enough, but I want more. And not in the great cliffhanger way, but in the way that I didn't feel as though this book had enough in it.That said it's a really interesting read, set in a great time in history as the caste walls were beginning to fall and society as we know it now was only just beginning.