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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins So, I saw the movie first. This kind of story really isn't my usual read so despite the hype I didn't read it. However the movie put a lot of questions into my head that the book happily answered. There was a lot going on in Katniss' mind, and while everyone I know hailed her as this great female lead character the movie kind of whitewashes that a little. I wondered if the book did a better job, happy to say it did.I'm holding out judgement on whether or not I truly like the series until I've done all three books. How they wrap it up is going to really determine that for me.________________________UUUGH this book. That's a good sort of UGH, but also just one of frustration. Looking at the series as a whole I just want to weep for humanity, because honestly it's not a massive stretch to see something akin to this happening.This series is really one best reviewed as a whole because although the books are standalone, the actual story they tell is greater than each individual book.