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Glitch (Glitch - Trilogy)

Glitch - Heather Anastasiu Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wanted to love this book. I adored the first... I dunno quarter? Basically up until they introduced the Max character. Him and his stalker, abusive, why don't you want me the way I want you I deserve it, attitude made me fly through the last half of the book. Not because I was enjoying it, and only a very small part because I was engrossed in the plot, because mostly I had to know how all that turned out to know whether to just be mildly frustrated, or out and out vomit.End result? A bit of both. There was a lot in this book I saw coming. And a lot of potential for an excellent dystopian world. But the character Max just shredded it for me. Completely ruined the book.There are SO many things that are Not. Ok. And so much of this book is everything that's wrong with YA lit.I'll read the other two books in the series cuz I'm part of a blog-hop to do so. But there's very little chance of my enjoying them at all.