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Quicksilver  - R.J. Anderson So I realized I stole Blythe's expression for this book about not feeling fully coherent upon finishing. So very very rarely does a sequel manage to live up to the breath-taking, dinner's late - feed yourself, what's work??, you mean I need to sleep now?!, that was the first book. For any who might have been worried about Quicksilver being a let down after Ultraviolet. Be not afraid!! I have tidings of GREAT JOY!Again I found myself LOVING the female lead. Tori is flawed but without causing all those, I want to HIT YOU, feelings which, for me is a nice treat.The fact that she is asexual for me was like a cherry on the top of a 7 layer chocolate cake. And it seemed natural, not forced. Her interaction with Milo and the friendship, NOT raw hormones, that develops between them is so refreshing after all the insta-love, sex me up NAO, stuff so many other books (even to some degree Ultraviolet) suffer from.All in in all I found this a book that pushes some new boundaries, challenges preconceptions, and sucks you into that blackhole of existence where only you and the book matter.