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The Elite - Kiera Cass I'm not sure I've ever been so frustrated by a book EVER. What might have redeemed it was if this book was actually the end to the series. Instead we get anger, confusion, and hurt in droves and essentially no resolution whatsoever.And I was mostly ok with it, thinking that at least the ending would be sweet, something that didn't make me want to slit my wrists while waiting for the next book. Instead we get Maxon heading off to a date with Kriss essentially as a super vengeful way of hurting America.Overall I finish this book feeling incredibly grumpy and cheesed off. The odds of her not winding up with Maxon are slim, I think there's be a massive riot of insanely angry fans if she doesn't. But this process has gone on FAR too long already. And the amount of miscommunication leading to conflict was infuriating.I'm well over authors using character's refusal to have honest conversations as a way to drive a romance plot. To those of us over the age of thirteen it's annoying, and even more than that it's aggravating. Get. Over. It. Find another source of conflict to drive your book, PLEASE I beg of you. And it's not like Cass didn't give herself a lot to work with.There's the king, the conflict with the rebels, the whole library room thing so much ELSE I want to know about more than America and Maxon being idiots. It's a fine line to walk between teasing us, the reader, with what the author KNOWS we want, and going over it into throw the book against the wall land. A limit on how many times they can AAAAAAALMOST finally make it work when it ALL GOES TO HELL. This book exceeds that limit on an EPIC scale. And the problem with that is it makes me read the last quarter of the book stupid fast just praying for it please to be over.