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The Selection

The Selection - So, I started this book at around 10PM when I went to bed. I finished this book around 12:30AM when I actually went to sleep. That probably tells you how much I enjoyed it.What a refreshing book! The plot was cute, the main character was well-written, realistic and interesting. And the romance was adorable.I LOVED Maxon. What a great guy!! He was so understanding of the weirdness of the situation, but he didn't let America walk all over him either. The relationship between the two of them was absolutely adorable. The whole Aspen thing bothered me to no end, but I like that she finally told him where to go (although I could have done with a bit more fire there).The one thing that bugged me is that the end did NOT feel like an ending. I NEED MORE!Second Read: Given some of the negative reviews about this one I wondered if I might not like it as much the second time through. Whether the things that irked other people would get to me as well. It didn't. I loved it and I can't WAIT to read book 2.