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The Bridesmaid - Beverly Lewis So, this book was a bit different from the normal Amish lit I've been devouring lately. It didn't feel quite as... Amish. In fact you could have told me they were pioneers and most of the plot would have made sense.There are a few things with this book that don't sit well with me. Joanna having to give up her writing of fiction in order to get permission from the Preacher to move to Eden's village for starters. It bugged me how she had all these excellent questions about why it was bad and never really got an answer. Although I do suppose that is what some Amish culture is like, I know it's certainly true for some Christian churches so why not the Amish as well? Just for myself that has always bothered me a LOT (as someone who likes things explained) so it lowered my enjoyment of the book a bit. And it never really gets resolved either. Personally I imagine her happily writing all sorts of stories for her and Eben's children, fussy Preacher be damned lolThe insanely frustrating part of this book was Joanna's sister. Ohhhh man what a little brat! I don't know that we're ever really given her age but I assume given that she is courting it must be old enough NOT to act like an impertinent two year old for the entire novel. Her behavior just didn't really make sense to me.I've heard good things about Beverly Lewis, I'll definitely be giving more of her books a read, but this one was a bit of a let down. It didn't feel as fully developed as I would like. While the romance was adorable (and really that cuteness is what gives this book the three stars it gets from me) we never really get into the meat of anything. Joanna is hesitant to ask Eben about his family for all sorts of reasons stemming from not wanting to seem to forward. But then, as a result, we never really get to know him. He had a lot of potential too... I'd have liked to have known more.Would I suggest this book? Yes, if you like light-hearted Amish romances, which is really the target audience for this book. However if you're inclined to read with a critical eye you may not enjoy it as much as you hope.