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A Most Scandalous Proposal - Ashlyn Macnamara (actual rating about a 1 and a half stars)I wanted to love this book. It takes place during my FAVORITE time period for historical fiction. One thing that threw me about it was the lack of a clear main character. From the description and the way the book begins it seems to be all about Julia, but as it progresses it switches between her, her sister and their love interests.Speaking of love interests, the one really redeeming quality of this book was Highgate. Oh man did I love him! I would have liked to see him in a different book with a different woman (although near the end I didn't hate Sophia as much). He was warm, understanding, and a little broken (lol).The one thing I will say, nothing about this book surprised me. It was written alright, nothing mind blowing. It just wasn't especially engaging or interesting.