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The Apocalypse Ocean (Xenowealth #4) - Tobias S. Buckell I realize I give out a fair number of 5 stars. I can't help it. I enjoy reading! The ability to give out half stars would be nice.But on to this book. I contacted the author via a twitter giveaway and got a digital copy of this book. OH MAN OH MAN AM I GLAD I DID!!!!It was sci-fi without being tech-p*rn... you guys know what I mean. The world was interesting, and the beginning was just confusing enough that I wanted to keep reading. I discovered after finishing that there are more books written about this world, probably some of those would clear up a few of the backstory/world building questions I had. Nothing that took away from the book, more a case where I loved it so much I want more!!Wound up adoring the character of Tiago. But all the characters were interesting and dynamic. And they change, not in annoying and unbelievable ways, but in the ways that people change when they go through stuff.Excuse me, I'm off to find books 1-3 of this awesome series and write a somewhat angry letter to whatever publisher decided to stop putting it out so he had to Kickstart this one.