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Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed (Regency Romance) - Jo Beverley As a huge fan of romances set in this time period I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I picked it up last night before bed and finished it in the early hours. Loved Jane a lot, she was witty and funny and well-written in my personal opinion. The romance between her and Wraybourne was sweet and developed at a pace that I think seemed reasonable. A nice switch from that insta-love/lust which plagues so many books these days.The subplot that happened while the romance blossomed with the man assaulting women at the fringes of the Ton was interesting and added a lil something extra to the story.The one thing that bugged me a LOT was how they captured the "whisperer" in the end. Wraybourne having Jane dance with both the suspected men seemed a bit of a stretch. Personally I'd be furious if my fiance put me in a position where I was in the arms of a man who had raped several women. And he seemed to care for her more than that.What I really appreciated was how clean the romance was. Just sweet and enjoyable, nothing untoward. It's far too rare these days and it was a nice change of pace to see him fall for her because of her charm and wit and not just her curves.